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San Marcos Criminal Attorney

San Marcos is home to California State University San Marcos and Palomar Community College. As an accomplished criminal defense firm in the San Marcos community, at Monder Law Group we handle everything from academic disciplinary hearings to DUI defense to criminal defense. Centrally located in San Diego’s North County, San Marcos also includes the surrounding unincorporated communities of Lake San Marcos, Harmony Grove, Lake Hodges, Elfin Forest, Hidden Meadows, Del Rios, the San Pasqual Valley and Ivy Del. If you or a loved one has been arrested in San Marcos or Oceanside and are searching for a defense attorney with vast experience in North County or Vista, you need to contact San Marcos Criminal Defense Attorney Vik Monder now at (619)405-0063.

San Marcos Criminal Attorney

Your Attorney Must Understand the Inner Workings of San Marcos Public Safety Center

The San Marcos Public Safety Center is made up of the San Marcos Sheriff’s Station, the County of San Diego’s Juvenile Probation Services, the County of San Diego’s Child Protective Services, and the County of San Diego’s Adult Protective Services. For a successful defense, it is important that you hire an attorney with the knowledge and experience to distinguish the scope of each of these government agencies and understands the inner working between them in the criminal justice system. Given the close physical proximity of these government agencies it is also imperative that your attorney be a part of that tight-knit community. After years serving the San Marcos community, attorney Vik Monder is well versed in all government agencies at the Public Safety Center and has developed close working relationship with each of the supervisors of these government agencies.

San Marcos Sheriff’s Station

The San Marcos Sheriff’s Station is responsible for all general law enforcement of the state of California’s infraction, misdemeanor and felony laws. It has over 100 sheriff’s deputies and is the only patrol station with a Sheriff’s aviation landing pad in north county. This is significant because it means that sheriff’s deputies now have extended helicopter coverage for their law enforcement operations. Sheriff’s deputies are responsible for providing community patrols, monitoring criminal activity, assisting motorists, issuing tickets, responding to emergency calls, serving warrants, apprehending, arresting and detaining suspects. After an arrest, depending on the type of offense alleged, the case will be assigned to a specialized detective unit. Detective units are responsible for investigating the specific crimes of domestic violence, theft, physical assault, child abuse, sexual assault, narcotics, fraud, arson, and homicide. Once the case is designated to a corresponding unit, a detective will be assigned to investigate the case. Detectives are responsible for making the determination whether or not there is sufficient evidence to prove that the person arrested committed a crime. This is a crucial stage of the criminal justice process. If you are under investigation by San Marcos law enforcement, it is imperative that you do not answer any line of questioning. You have a right to have an attorney present at any custodial interrogation under your Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination. Invoke your constitutional right and contact Monder Law Group immediately so that we may take control of your defense!

The County of San Diego’s Juvenile Probation Services

The County of San Diego’s Juvenile Probation Services is responsible for investigating the allegations against minors under the age of 18 and for supervising minors who have been found guilty of committing a crime. It is very important for you to contact Monder Law Group the moment that your minor is arrested. Do not wait until the detention hearing because by then juvenile probation services will have already completed their initial investigation and submitted their findings to the Judge in Juvenile Court. We are in a much better position to fight the allegations early on in your child’s case or to negotiate with the prosecution for rehabilitation that is in the best interest of the minor at the onset of the case. If a Juvenile Court Judge finds the minor is guilty of an offense, that minor will be declared a ward of the court and placed on juvenile probation. In effect, juvenile probation is both a form of punishment for the offense committed and an opportunity to rehabilitate the minor to become law-abiding. The conditions of juvenile probation will depend on the minor’s accountability, the severity of the offense, whether or not the minor has any priors, and the victim’s restitution. The Judge in Juvenile Court will be responsible for balancing all of these interests and deciding where to place the minor for the duration of juvenile probation. Attorney Vik Monder has excellent communication with Juvenile Probation Services and in the past has been able to work side by side with probation officers to obtain the best result for his clients. Do not risk your minor’s future by waiting on the sidelines, be your child’s best advocate by retaining Monder Law Group today!

The County of San Diego’s Child Protective Services

The County of San Diego’s Child Protective Services (CPS) is responsible for the enforcement of the state of California’s health and safety laws regarding abuse, endangerment and neglect of a minor under the age of 18. Child Protective Services becomes involved when there have been reports that a minor’s welfare may be in danger. Child Protective Services will respond to such reports by assigning the case to a social worker who will open an investigation into the minor’s family. The social worker will first want to schedule an interview with all of the family members individually. The sole purpose of these interviews is for the social worker to decide whether or not the minor’s legal guardians are meeting the minimum standards of health and safety required by California. It is critical that you cooperate with Child Protective Services at all times to prevent intrusive family interventions. However, this does not mean that you should volunteer information because anything that you disclose to Child Protective Services may be used against you later in a criminal case for child abuse. The best way to handle a Child Protective Service investigation is to protect yourself by retaining a knowledgeable attorney to prepare you and be present at the interview with the social worker. At Monder Law Group we have excellent communication with the County of San Diego Child Protective Services. We will personally reach out to the social worker assigned to your case to inform them that you are being represented, ensure them your cooperation, and schedule your interview. During our communications with the social worker we obtain information about the allegations against you in order to prepare you for the interview. Prior to the interview, we will set up a safety plan of action addressing the social worker’s concerns, this initiative allows for the interview to be family-centered. During the interview, you will present the safety plan to the social worker and have the attorney present to reduce the risk of self-incrimination. You do not have to face Child Protective Services alone, contact attorney Vik Monder today for a free consultation!

The County of San Diego’s Adult Protective Services

The County of San Diego’s Adult Protective Services (APS) is responsible for the enforcement of the state of California’s elder abuse laws. These are the health and safety regulations regarding abuse, neglect and abandonment of dependent adults 18 years and older and adults 65 years and older. Abuse in this context can be physical, emotional, or financial. Examples of physical abuse would be a lack of medical care, sexual assaults, or starvation. Example of emotional abuse would be isolation from visitors, verbal assaults, or threats. Examples of financial abuse would be theft, extortion, or fraud. If any of these forms of abuse, neglect or abandonment are reported to the County of San Diego’s Adult Protective Services, a social worker will be assigned to the case. The social worker will open an investigation into the victim’s primary caregiver whether in a private home, hospital, or a retirement home. It is imperative that you contact Attorney Vik Monder as soon as you receive notice that you are being investigated by Adult Protective Services. You need to understand that in California all of these government agencies are required by law to provide information and referrals to each other. This means that following your investigation by Adult Protective Services, you will likely receive a criminal complaint charging you with elder abuse. Do not let this happen to you, contact Monder Law Group immediately so that we may begin a mitigation packet for you before the Adult Protective Services’ investigation is complete. A mitigation packet is your opportunity to present to the social worker character letters on your behalf and documentation in support of your facts. By putting you in the most positive light under the circumstances early on in the investigation, the social worker may decide that there is not enough evidence to forward the case to the District Attorney’s Office. Do not waste any time contact Attorney Vik Monder at (619)405-0063 now for your free consultation!


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You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future.

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You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future.