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We are not a “law mill”

Unlike some unscrupulous law firms that lure in as many clients as possible only to fish them off to lawyers of lesser skill levels, we at Monder Law always handle your case personally. We give you the time and attention you deserve and give each case the full benefit of our expertise.

Education and experience

Our team of attorneys are not novices. We aren’t using you to get past a learning curve. We are well-seasoned defense attorneys and we have all been fully trained at leading U.S. law schools and we have proven our worth time and again in real-life court cases.

Full confidentiality and respect

We never disclose your private personal or case information unless in the line of duty and in your best interests. We protect your privacy when we discuss your case, and we never violate your trust. We don’t look down on you based on the charges you face or on your past record of illegal acts.

Our company understands the criminal justice system is not perfect and things are not always as they appear.

Vik Monder, Legacy Attorney & Founder (1985-2022) chose his profession based on this premise alone. Before Vik Monder became the experienced defense attorney, he was a witness to the murder of his best friend. During that investigation, Vik Monder realized many cracks existed in the system. As the only key witness, he felt coerced and misguided by detectives similar to the faulty eyewitness testimonies he discovered in his own cases.

From his own personal experience, Vik Monder knew how the investigation process truly unfolds and how detectives pressure individuals to blindly select a suspect from a lineup merely to move on to the next case. Vik Monder knew this scenario was playing out every single day; however, he empathized with his clients going through the process and understood that your freedom should never be compromised! This is what drove Vik Monder to be the best at his job and the best attorney for your defense case.

Giving Top-Tier Criminal & DUI Defense to Our San Diego Clients

At Monder Criminal Lawyer Group, you can count on receiving top-tier defense, including DUI defense, that will win you the best possible results even in the most difficult cases involving charges for illegal acts. Our long track record of winning where others couldn’t and of taking on cases that others turn down speaks for itself. Monder Law covers the full gamut of criminal defense practice areas, and we have a deep understanding of how things really work in the courtroom with each and every one of them.

We offer you not only a full knowledge of the legal minutiae of relevant California laws but also years of hands-on experience defending cases just like yours in local San Diego Area courtrooms. To give you an idea of the types of cases we handle and how we handle them, here is some information on 10 of our most common practice areas, but this is not at all an exhaustive list.

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Do Not Waste Your Time with Mediocre Lawyers

There are too many mediocre attorneys out there that will provide less than adequate representation at a moderate price. Our mission is to provide you with high quality representation at an affordable and fair price.

We will never compromise your case like other attorneys that will push whatever offers the prosecutor throws at them. We are here to get the best result you deserve and not to be at the mercy of the prosecutor. Our team has gone above and beyond to gain the reputation he has earned in the courtrooms throughout San Diego County.

We’ll Build Your Quality Defense

One of the most important decisions you will make after being arrested is the attorney you choose to represent you. Having a reputable attorney by your side will increase your chances of winning your case. The representation you choose will impact the rest of your life, as well as that of your family.

If you are looking for an aggressive criminal attorney in San Diego that is approachable at an affordable rate then contact Monder Criminal Lawyer Group today for a free confidential consultation at 619-405-0063.

The Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Lawyer in San Diego

Courtroom sessions and trials can be intimidating but your qualified defense team will work hard to ensure that this process does not feel overwhelming. Our work is to take care of the serious matters of your case and remove the heavy burden off of your shoulders. The other benefits of hiring a defense team with experience in the courtroom and various areas of the law concerning charges for illegal acts include:

  • They care about you and protect your rights and interests
  • They have expertise in defending the accused
  • They design a stronger strategy
  • They protect you against heavy penalties
  • They have staff and experience to delegate important work
  • Financial benefits in the long run
  • They provide constant moral and emotional support

Our constitution offers every individual with many rights that become crucial when fighting for our freedom. These rights must be protected at all times even in cases that involve weapons, sex offenses, drugs, cyber attacks, murder, assault, or any form of charge for an unlawful act.

We are dedicated and committed to protecting your legal and constitutional rights. As highly experienced, qualified and knowledgeable San Diego-based defense attornies, we’ll point out the legal rules and regulations that you are unlikely to be aware of when facing charges for an illegal act.

Our team at Monder Criminal Lawyer Group will work the extra mile in order to ensure your case comes to a desirable resolution. This involves gathering sufficient evidence and statements from witnesses and hiring expert witnesses and investigators who will present evidence that would rebut evidence provided by the prosecution and at the end prove your innocence. What makes us stand out is the fact that we understand the difference that all the seemingly little details can bring to your case.

Our Practice Areas

Taking the action to contact us early will go a long way in ensuring that the charges are dropped or reduced. Our team of attorneys is committed to providing aggressive representation in all matters that involve criminal cases. Contact San Diego’s top defense attorneys today for a free initial consultation and learn how he can defend you in any of the following areas:

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Your Legal Rights Must Be Protected Throughout the Case

Contact our team at 619-405-0063. You can call us any day or night to discuss your case for helpful advice. We understand being charged with a criminal offense is frustrating and we’re here to help you. When it comes to taking on a new case involving charges for any illegal act, our team of attorneys looks forward to meeting with you and providing you with the best possible defense.

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    By choosing Monder Criminal Lawyer Group as your source of legal advice and representation, you put yourself in the strongest possible position. We have built relationships and a strong reputation in San Diego and surrounding areas of Southern California across many years of dedicated service, and we make sure every client gets a truly fair trial.

    Monder Law is committed to protecting your rights and not letting prosecutors “get away with” anything less than proof beyond reasonable doubt. We have won numerous dismissals, acquittals, and reduced charges/sentences in cases just like yours.

    Hire a Competent Criminal Lawyer in San Diego for Your Best Outcome

    No matter where you were arrested in San Diego, we’re here to help. Our defense team serves all of San Diego, which covers the following areas: Chula VistaOtay MesaSan YsidroImperial BeachSouth BayDowntown San DiegoNational CityCoronadoEl CajonLa MesaLakesideAlpineSanteeSpring ValleyLemon GroveMission ValleyMira MesaMission HillsHillcrestNorth ParkPoint LomaOcean BeachMission BeachPacific BeachLa JollaDel MarEncinitasCarlsbadOceansideSan Marcos and Vista. Once you find out you are being investigated, it is important to hire a defense attorney as soon as possible.

      You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future.

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        You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future.

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