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Oceanside Criminal Defense Attorney

Oceanside is home to Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, located just south of the base. As an experienced criminal defense firm, at Monder Law Group we take pride in providing a military defense for our Marines. Whether you are facing an NJP, a Military Protective Order, a Military DUI, an Administrative Separation, or a Court Martial Proceeding, we are equipped to provide you with the best private military legal defense in the county. Contact Oceanside Criminal Defense Attorney Vik Monder now for a free consultation at (619)405-0063.

Oceanside Criminal Attorney

Provost Marshall’s Office

The Provost Marshall’s Office is responsible for the enforcement of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and the physical security activities on Camp Pendleton. Military police protect the lives and make sure that order and property of military installations is maintained. If you are arrested by military police on Camp Pendleton, you will be facing charges under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

You Need a Private Civilian Military Attorney

If you are facing charges under the Uniform Code of Military Justice you need an attorney whose only interest is going to be you, your rank, and your military career. You do not want to leave the fate of your military career in the hands of a military service member JAG Officer who may be intimidated from fighting for you in the protection of his own rank. Attorney Vik Monder is a private civilian military attorney who does not have to worry about rank in the process of developing a strategic defense to fight for you. In his successful career Attorney Monder has tried every type of military case and never been intimidated by a challenge. Even in situations where military judges and prosecutors alike have tried to force a plea-deal, Attorney Monder has used his powerful negotiating skills to turn them down and obtain a better deal for his clients. You have worked so hard for everything you have, do not throw it away by making the wrong choice in counsel. When facing the possible loss of rank, pay, liberty, or your military career it is crucial that you hire a military defense attorney who is going to earn the judges respect, prove to be a better adversary than the prosecution and will fight for you with everything he has to bring to the table. Contact Monder Law Group and let Criminal Military Defense Attorney Vik Monder put his experience to work for you!

Oceanside Police Department

The Oceanside Police Department consists of three major divisions, Patrol division, DUI Enforcement division, and Harbor Police division. The Patrol division is made up of 113 officers and 13 field evidence technicians, making it the biggest division of the three. Patrol Officers are responsible for traffic enforcement, handling radio calls, taking crime reports, making arrests and resolving disputes. While the Field Evidence Technicians handle the processing of crime scenes and collecting evidence. The DUI Enforcement division is solely responsible for setting up check points for intoxicated drivers and drivers licenses. The Harbor Police division consists of 8 full time Officers, one Sergeant and one Reserve Officer. Together they are responsible for enforcing maritime law in Encinitas, Oceanside’s Harbor and Beaches. The services provided by the Harbor Police division are responding to non-emergency calls for service, undertaking search and rescue, emergency medical aid, towing and salvage. If you are arrested by any of the three divisions of the Oceanside Police Department you will be facing charges under California’s state or Federal law.

Your Attorney Must Recognize the Military Consequences of Civilian Criminal Procedures

If you are facing charges under California’s state or Federal law in areas like Vista, the problem most service members face when they show up for their arraignment is that their public attorneys are facing overwhelming caseloads. This prevents public attorneys from giving your case the attention it requires to avoid any negative implications on your military career. That is why you need a private civilian attorney who has the time to dedicate to your case and tailor your defense to your specific circumstances. Moreover, when deciding to retain private civilian counsel, as an active duty military service member you need a defense attorney that is knowledgeable in both California state law and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. At Monder Law Group, we know first-hand the consequences that a civilian judgement can have on a military career. That is why from the moment that you walk into our office we thank you for your service, realizing the sacrifices that you have made and aware of what exactly is at risk in your case. For this reason, we begin by submitting to the issuing attorney a mitigation packet weeks before your arraignment date. In this mitigation packet, we make sure to include your service record, character letters, and address any potential career goals that may be hindered by the charges against you. In this manner, we make the prosecution aware of the type of Marine that you are and what is currently at stake for you and your family. During the negotiation proceedings with the prosecution our goal is to get your case dismissed or reduced to minimize any military exposure. On the military side, we help you write a declaration of what occurred for you to take accountability with your command in an effort to reduce the severity of the punishment. Upon your request, we also are available to speak with your command in order to explain the status of your case and advocate for a suspension of punishment until the conclusion of the criminal proceedings against you. This is the best way to ensure that any military consequences you face will be a reflection of your conviction and not your current charges.


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You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future.