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San Diego County Charge: Out of county resident charged with felony assault and battery involving multiple victims and great bodily and serious injuries Result: Verdict, Not Guilty on All 7 counts of Assault and Battery with Great Bodily Injury and Multiple Strikes.San Diego County Charge: 69 year old man driving under the influence of methamphetamine onto oncoming traffic Result: Hung Jury and District Attorney Dismissed DUI San Diego County Charge: Mother of two evading police in hit and run charge with serious bodily injury Result: District Attorney Dismissed after Successful Line-Up Motion San Diego County Charge: Juvenile charged with running over her ex boyfriend at high school Result: Court Dismissed case after Argument Made In Mitigation San Diego County Charge: Spouse arrested for domestic violence after 911 calls and pictures of serious bodily injury Result: District Attorney Dismissed at Trial San Diego County Charge: Military member arrested for assault and battery Result: Court Dismissed after successful argument for Military Diversion San Diego Federal Charge: 19-year-old student charged with Alien Smuggling Result: Case Dismissed after negotiations with US Attorney

Downtown Criminal Defense Attorney

Hire a Downtown Criminal Lawyer with an Office Next to the Downtown Courthouse!

Attorney Vik Monder has an office downtown San Diego on the corner of 4th and F Street in the Gaslamp. This is about 3 blocks away from the downtown criminal courthouse. His office is centrally located where there is free parking across the street at Horton Plaza for 1 hour. Consultations are free as well so speaking to Attorney Vik Monder about your downtown case will cost you nothing! He owns the second floor of the Hard Rock Café building. It is easy to find and often times people can drive down the street from the I-94 Freeway and find his office on the left hand side before entering into the Horton mall parking downtown. Vik Monder is someone who frequents the downtown courthouse on a daily basis. If you want someone to run across the street to file something or speak to a supervisor in the district attorneys office or city attorney office, then Vik Monder is the right attorney for the job. Attorney Vik Monder offers reasonable payment plans which makes any case affordable.

Downtown Lawyer with Significant Pull in the Downtown Courthouse

There are many lawyers downtown, but very few that have the successful track record that Attorney Monder has aquired over the years. Many of his cases have been high profile making national news and he goes up against the best in the District Attorneys Office. He has trained with new prosecutors on trial practice at the local law schools and spends his time learning the rules of evidence better than everyone else. He is a gladiator in the courtroom and often times people come up to him in court and hire him on the spot after seeing him fight zealously for his clients. This is the quality of represenation you should be seeking. You need someone that has a steller reputation in the downtown courthouse and has good relationships with the supervising prosecutors in order to help solidify a better outcome in your case.                                        

Being a Local Lawyer will Help Tremendously During the Negotations in Your Case

Attorney Vik Monder frequents the downtown courthouse daily and has learned the nuances of the law from the judges he is in front of daily and the people making the decisions in your case. The reason you are better off hiring attorney Vik Monder is for the simple fact that he is a local attorney downtown that does not get pushed out like the other lawyers that claim to specialize in downtown criminal cases. There are only a handful of lawyers that take on as many cases as Vik Monder at the downtown courthouse. He is highly regarded as one of the best criminal defense attorneys in San Diego.

Central San Diego Courthouse (Lemon Grove, Mission Valley, Mission Hills, Hillcrest, North Park, Point Loma, Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Del Mar, etc.)

Downtown San Diego Court House Criminal Attorney

Downtown San Diego Courthouse handles some of the most serious and highly publicized cases in San Diego. Most cases that arise out of downtown occur because the offense is within the City limits of San Diego. Also, this includes areas such as El Cajon, Poway and Rancho Bernardo that are still under the jurisdiction of the City of San Diego. It is important that you understand that there exist two prosecutorial agencies in the downtown courthouse. The City Attorney Office handles all misdemeanor cases while the District Attorney Office handles all felony cases. If your case is set for an initial arraignment and it is your first time in court for a misdemeanor, then you must report to Department 1, which is on the first floor on the right side after you walk through the medal detectors. However, if the case is a felony and it is your first appearance, then you must take the escalator or elevator to the second floor and walk down the hallway to Department 12 for your hearing at 1:30pm. Most pre-trial negotiations for felony cases before the preliminary hearing date will be either in Department 29 or Department 30 located on the third floor. All preliminary examinations and trials are set in Department 11 on the second floor. All post preliminary examinations pre-trial negotiations will occur only in Department 31. While most misdemeanor cases are negotiated in either Department 1 or 2 on the first floor your case can be sent upstairs on the second floor to Department 9 if the case is for a Domestic Violence Offense. It is important that you hire an attorney that understands the judges and prosecutors in the downtown courthouse to make your life easier. Attorney Vik Monder has an office across the street from the downtown courthouse and frequents the downtown courthouse on a daily basis. Please note that your appearance is only mandatory for felony cases and most lawyers can ask the judge to appear on your behalf without your presence on all misdemeanor cases.,1059008&_dad=portal

It is important that you hire an attorney that knows the ins and outs of the downtown courthouse. If you find yourself in a position looking for a lawyer that has handled highly publicized cases to the easy misdemeanor offenses, please contact downtown criminal attorney Vik Monder at 619-405-0063. Attorney Vik Monder has handled every type of criminal case in the downtown courthouse and has built relationships with various chief supervisors in the City Attorneys Office as well as the District Attorneys Office. Please feel free to contact San Diego Criminal Attorney Vik Monder if you have questions about your case at the downtown courthouse. Criminal lawyer Vik Monder can be reached directly at 619-405-0063.

Directions to the Superior Central Courthouse: 

From Highway 94 westbound
Take Interstate 5 north. Then exit Sixth Avenue. Proceed west on Elm to Fourth Avenue and turn left on Fourth to Broadway. Turn right on Broadway. 

From Interstate 5 northbound
Exit Sixth Avenue and proceed west on Elm to Fourth Avenue and turn left on Fourth. Proceed to Broadway and turn right. 

From Interstate 5 southbound
Exit on Front Street (Civic Center) and proceed to Broadway.

From Highway 163 southbound
Exit on Ash Street and proceed westbound. Turn left on Front Street to Broadway.


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You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future.