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San Ysidro Criminal Defense Attorney

San Ysidro Criminal Defense Attorney

In San Diego the most important port of entry we have is at San Ysidro. This is where Donald Trump wants to start building his wall to separate the United States and Mexico. There are many domestic products that cross this port every single day. Millions of dollars worth of products flow between countries every single day. The problem we face is that with all these legal products there exists illegal activity that contributes to the growing number of customs and border patrol agents and additional screening at the port of entry. Attorney Vik Monder has a great reputation in the Federal Criminal Defense Community. Attorney Vik Monder has cross-examined thousands of government agents working in various departments of Customs and Border Patrol, Homeland Security, FBI, DEA, etc. You can get more information about the different departments in the Customs and Border Patrol Agency by clicking on the following link:

San Ysidro Criminal Representation Either in Federal or State Court

Most cases that stem from the San Ysidro location will be filed in Federal Court since most of the land in San Ysidro is governed under the Federal Property Statues. As a matter of national security most stops and detentions occur near or around the San Ysidro Port of Entry. The government will justify stopping vehicles and people as a matter of national security in protecting the border. Ultimately, they will have to justify reasonable suspicion for the stop and search. Attorney Vik Monder has challenged the stops and arrests of his clients in order to get their cases thrown out of court on violations of the United States Constitution. Attorney Vik Monder has handled hundreds of drug and narcotic trafficking cases through the various ports of entry in the United States. Attorney Vik Monder specializes in the representation when someone is arrested near the border, for example in Otay Mesa. These cases can be filed both in state and federal court depending on the amount of drugs or contraband found at the border.

The Community of San Ysidro

There are many businesses and people that live in the San Ysidro area. It is a vibrant border town with families on both sides of the border. Most of the clients Attorney Vik Monder represents in the Chula Vista area have strong ties in Tijuana and Mexico. Attorney Vik Monder travels to Mexico to meet clients on a frequent basis. Attorney Vik Monder understands that families can be split apart because of a loved ones criminal record making them deportable and they can only communicate from across the San Ysidro Port of Entry. Attorney Vik Monder wants every family to be protected during the course of the criminal case. Often times it becomes difficult with the most serious cases. There is no case too big or too small that Attorney Vik Monder cannot handle. He has build his career taking on the most complicated cases that most attorneys would refer to him in order to prevent deportation of family members or minimize the jail time required. The community of San Ysidro is relatively big and majority of the individuals that live in San Ysidro cross the San Ysidro border on a weekly basis. Many of the families that Attorney Vik Monder represents have other family members on the Mexico side of the border. To learn more about the San Ysidro community you can visit the following link:

The Importance of Mitigation in a Criminal Case

There are many things a client can do before the criminal proceedings start. The most important part of a criminal case is the mitigation paperwork the defense attorney presents to the judges and the prosecutor in the case. Mitigation is anything that puts the defendant in a positive light amongst all the other defendants that the prosecutors have to file cases on a daily basis. Most of the time the prosecutors and judges only hear one side of the story from law enforcement and do not ever hear the mitigating factors. Attorney Vik Monder always requests from his client’s a resume, character letters, letters of recommendation, scholastic accomplishments, employment history and accomplishments, any rehabilitation enrolled in or completed, etc. This will help ensure that the client gets the best possible result early on in the case during the negotiation process. Attorney Vik Monder often submits the mitigation paperwork to the issuing attorney and supervisors in the prosecutions office to try and get a dismissal before the cases are filed.

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You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future.