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Otay Mesa Criminal Defense Lawyer

Otay Mesa Criminal Defense Lawyer

There are many criminal cases in San Diego that stem from incidents that occur at the border or near the border in San Diego. One of those places is the Otay Mesa Port of Entry. Most of the cases that start at the location end up either in state or federal court. Attorney Vik Monder is handled thousands of criminal cases throughout San Diego County and many of them start from Otay Mesa. There are only a handful of lawyers that have the experience attorney Vik Monder has earned dealing with drug transportation, drug smuggling, alien smuggling or alien transportation through the Otay Mesa Port of entry. There are other crimes that occur as well in National City or Otay Mesa near the border that are unrelated to the transportation of drugs or aliens. The most common crime to occur is a DUI related case. Most DUIs that result in accidents or injuries will be charged as a felony. However, many misdemeanor cases are prosecuted in the District Attorney’s Office in Chula Vista from the conduct that stems from police reports relating to Otay Mesa. Often times law enforcement agencies work directly with the prosecution’s office to help identify issues for prosecuting cases. The following are the different departments that work with the prosecution’s office within the Customs and Border Patrol Agency at the Otay Mesa Port of Entry:

Otay Mesa is a Strong Community in San Diego

There is a strong business community surrounding the Otay Mesa community. Many distribution and manufacturing centers are located in Otay Mesa and supports many logistic and supply chain jobs in San Diego. Besides keeping people in San Diego employed the Otay Mesa is filled with many cultural events and opportunities. The following is a list of things to do in Otay Mesa for families.

Most of the cases that stem from Otay Mesa will be filed either downtown or in the South Bay Courthouse. Attorney Vik Monder has represented individuals in Otay Mesa over the years and has obtained substantial results better than most attorneys in San Diego. Attorney Vik Monder has specialized in the area of criminal defense for people in the Otay Mesa area and has specialized knowledge as to the officers involved in each individualized case being handled by his firm.

Individualized Attention to Each Client

The most important factor in the success of Attorney Vik Monder’s criminal firm is the individualized attention each and every client has when they choose to have Attorney Vik Monder represent them during the course of the criminal proceedings. Each client that attorney Vik Monder has the privilege to represent gets the undivided attention that each client deserves. Attorney Vik Monder will work on every case and never have another lawyer work on the case like many other law firm mills in San Diego. Nobody’s freedom should ever be jeopardized. You will get the most experienced criminal representation in San Diego. You deserve the best representation since there are many lawyers to choose from. However, Vik Monder should always be at the top of your list. Attorney Vik Monder offers payment plans for clients who need extra help and is always willing to accommodate everyone’s schedule. You want a lawyer that is willing to accommodate you when necessary to make your life easier than the stressful reality you are forced to live in day to day. Attorney Vik Monder’s primary purpose is to lift and shift the burden off your shoulders so that you can have your life back without the stress that comes with managing a criminal defense case in San Diego.

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You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions. You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future.